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13 March 2022
On our recent road trip to Florida I photographed a few fungi, and after posting on iNat I'm finding that I want to plant some references where I will be able to find them in the future, so I will start here! In this case I posted a "False-Turkey Tail" -- a beautiful fungus we found growing on a log beside the Palm Hammock Trail on Merritt Island, just down the road east from the visitor's center. Fellow iNatters helped guide me. I am grateful to @matthewbeziat for including references when he pushed my Seek-app ID back to genus. I learned a lot more from investigating the references than if someone just suggested a different species. :-)

In this article the authors clean-up some confusion with technical delineation of three Stereum species, and the visible morphological traits that help a field naturalist distinguish them. The figure in the article is especially helpful:

And this one, back to Michael Kuo's site:
Do I want to assemble a chemical testing kit?

I know I have read about bruising colors, and am trying to remember how long it takes to see these colors appear. I know it's in my books, so I should get to work.

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