15 June 2015
Chippewa County, Michigan
Naomikong Point, at the south end of Whitefish Bay

The North Country Trail passes a scenic overlook pullout on the Curley Lewis Scenic Byway, where you can park, and then take the trail down into a beautiful forest of maple, yellow birch, and cedar. Boardwalks take you through saturated and submerged parts of the trail. We love to visit this part of the trail at different times in the spring and summer to botanize and birdwatch. We find several species of orchids here, from Pink Lady-slippers to bog orchids, Purple-Fringed Orchids, twayblades, and Rattlesnake Plantain. Beyond orchids, we keep finding plants that amaze us.

The Curley Lewis Byway has several pullouts and parking areas for fishing and recreating, and this year the road has been repaved and a hard-packed shoulder has been added. We highly recommend taking advantage of those parking areas to explore!

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