Vote for the Photo-Observation of the Month: June 2013

With over 2,000 observations submitted in June, it was a little crazy to pick a handful of candidates for “The Best”. So the job went to the number one observer, Kyle Jones. To narrow the field, Kyle arbitrarily decided that the Green Mountain State would be represented by a plant this time. So here are five plant candidates for June 2013 photo-observation of the month. As always, if you are reading this and are a registered iNaturalist observer, you can vote (once) by replying to this post with the number of the photo-observation you like best. There is also a very good chance that the June winner will be asked to make the July selections, so vote for your arch-enemy — no good deed goes unpunished!

Publicado el sábado, 06 de julio de 2013 a las 09:27 PM por kpmcfarland kpmcfarland


2. beautiful shot of a beautiful flower.

Anotado por kpmcfarland hace mas de 10 años

tough one between water lily and lupine, but I'm going with #2 water lily.

Anotado por joannerusso hace mas de 10 años

Poor ferns....

Anotado por kpmcfarland hace mas de 10 años

4. nicely done showing everything of the plant

Anotado por evening hace mas de 10 años

2 for sure, just love it!

Anotado por natasha hace mas de 10 años

3 - Cinnamon Fern - nice representation of this plant

Anotado por gaudettelaura hace mas de 10 años

water lily for sure! ...but the lupine is pretty.

Anotado por juliefiliberti hace mas de 10 años

Love the flowers but the Cinnamon Fern is appropriate for the humid weather we've been having. Have to go with #3. Of course the lupines and water lilies sure do like it, too.

Anotado por caliocats hace mas de 10 años

I'm going for the underdog group - #3 has my vote

Anotado por crimmer hace mas de 10 años

I go with #1, Chris's photo of Royal Fern. Ferns and the setting are so Vermont-y.

Anotado por susanelliott hace mas de 10 años

I don't want to vote for my own (not because of having to choose photos, just because it seems silly to do so) so I will vote for the water lily.

Anotado por charlie hace mas de 10 años

2 Fragrant Water Lily.

Anotado por rpayne hace mas de 10 años

3 for me!

Anotado por kylejones hace mas de 10 años

Number 5.

Anotado por lauried49 hace mas de 10 años

5 I like the lupine!

Anotado por sallen hace mas de 10 años

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