List of moss species I know I might get mixed up

Bryum Lanatum / Argenteum
Dendroalsia californica and Bestia longipipes
Atrichum and Plagiomnium undulatum
Polytrichaceae and certain Dicranaceae
Leucobryum and Aulocomnium
Probably only rarely get these mixed up
Pleurozium schreberi and Hylocomium splendens
Especially if plants are not shown in natural habitat. The stairstep shoots confirm it's Hylocomnium.
Grimmia and Pterygonum ovatum
Probably only if dry and without a closeup shot
Kindbergia oregana and Kindbergia praelonga
Apparently K. praelonga can sometimes be regularly pinnate like K. oregana
Polytrichum juniperinum and Polytrichum strictum
Didymodon and Ceratodon purperus
Sphagnum and Leucobryum
Leucobryum was dry and on its side.
Thuidium and Trichocolea

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