Chris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener)

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I'm an urban naturalist, home gardener, public speaker, and workshop facilitator, specializing in urban gardening for habitat with native plants.

If I have followed you here on iNaturalist, it's likely because I've noticed your Observations in Brooklyn! I'm one of the Brooklyn Borough Captains for the City Nature Challenge in New York City:

Some of my past presentations are available on SlideShare.
2020-09-13: Village of Ocean Beach Environmental Committee (VOBEC), Fire Island, Gardening for Habitat on Fire Island
2018-06-18: Native Plants in the Landscape Conference, Urban Gardening with Native Plants
2015-05-12: Long Island Botanical Society, Place, Purpose, Plants: Urban Gardening with Native Plants

I'm particularly interested in insect-plant interactions and ecological associations. I've been documenting the biodiversity of my own garden here on iNaturalist:
Life List


New York State Records

My Observations which are the first iNaturalist records of that species in New York State.

2014-08-10: Coelioxys sayi, Say's sharptail, cuckoo leaf-cutter bee
2017-07-22: Dioprospa clavata, four-speckled hover fly - Also the first NY State Observation on BugGuide.
2020-05-03 Callidiellum rufipenne, Japanese cedar long-horned beetle

Species Home Page Reference Photos

My photos which are the index photo for species home pages.

Megachile texana

Neolasioptera thurstoni

Favorite Places

Except for college years, I've lived all my life within a few miles of the Atlantic Ocean.

EcoRegion Level III 84, Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens

Identification Guides - Online


Diptera, flies

Anthophila, bees - Guide to Wild Bees of New York State, Paula Sharp and Ross Eatman. - For wild bees in Vermont. Applicable to New England, New York state, and adjacent Canada.

Vespidae, vespid wasps - Key-based, not visual


New England - For plants found in the wild in New England, northeastern U.S., and adjacent areas, such as New York state.

Viola, violets

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