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This account includes my observations as Sarah418
Lifelong interest in Nature. Lifetime Girl Scout, focus on environment/Nature for Gold Award (1982). Love to learn more about Nature: ID, adaptations, habitat, how something relates to another nearby organism, observe and ENJOY. Love wildflowers. Some amateur photography. "Home" place is Annadel State Park, and intimate with all parks and public lands in Sonoma County, and some not yet open to the public. Favorite vacation place is day-hiking Tahoe Basin summer/fall. Addicted to exploring Nature with my horse, Roy, who is extremely alert and tuned-in to our surroundings. Enjoy gardening at home with native plants, encouraging healthy pollinators, birds, and other species to our small habitat. Currently self-employed. Sharing my passion about nature is obvious to anyone who meets me. Multi-trail user advocate to the extreme.

Affiliated with:
Sonoma County Regional Parks, Natural Resources
Sonoma Land Trust
Sonoma County Agricultural & Open Space District
Redwood Trails Alliance
Sonoma State University: Center for Environmental Inquiry
Sonoma State University: Fairfield Osborn Preserve
Sonoma State University: Galbreath Wildlands Preserve
Stewards of the Coast & Redwoods
California State Parks
California Naturalists Sonoma County
The Nature Journal Club
Wild Wonder Foundation
Spring Lake Village Community: Wellness Program

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