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🇫🇷 MSc Ecophysiology Ecology Ethology at Strasbourg University, France 🇫🇷
🐍 Open to all proposals of PhD or jobs in conservation on Viperidae in America or Africa 🐍

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Passionate about animals since always, I turned over time to herpetology and more particularly to our scaly friends, the snakes. Many people hate them and I think that's why I naturally got interested in them to make my own opinion. And after more than 10 years, I am still fascinated by them and every day I play the role of a fervent defender with my relatives, friends and other people around me, in order to show them how much they deserve that we are interested in them by passing over the general public opinion. Indeed, these animals undergo social influence transmitted almost from generation to generation with often erroneous received ideas. The conservation of herpetofauna is at the heart of my interests as well as the mediation around herpetofauna. In addition, I had the opportunity during study to create a scientific mediation project on the Alsatian herpetofauna, in order to make these intriguing and fascinating animals known, while raising the awareness of the younger generations to their conservation.

I am more precisely passionate about the Viperidae on which I would like to dedicate my career by doing conservation on Viperidae in America or in Africa. Passionate since my childhood, this project could only be destined to me and until now I have done everything to achieve it, starting with a self-taught training that I have conducted for several years in parallel with my studies, with for example the creation of recognition materials on the Viperidae of the world. In addition to that, I have many projects related to reptiles, such as my professional Instagram account on the Viperidae of the world for the purpose of discovery for the general public, or in parallel my Viperidae breeding project that I would like to couple with a structure in order to reintroduce them in the wild.


Crotalinae :

  • One Sistrurus ? Sistrurus miliarius miliarius
  • One Crotalus ? Crotalus ornatus
  • One Lachesis ? Lachesis melanocephala
  • One Bothriechis ? Bothriechis aurifer
  • One Tropidolaemus ? Tropidolaemus wagleri
  • One Protobothrops ? Protobothrops mangshanensis
  • One Bothrops ? Bothrops bilineatus
  • One Agkistrodon ? Agkistrodon conanti
  • One Trimeresurus ? Trimeresurus schultzei
  • One Hypnale ? Hypnale hypnale
  • One Calloselasma ? Calloselasma rhodostoma
  • One Metlapilcoatlus ? Metlapilcoatlus mexicanus
  • One Deinagkistrodon ? Deinagkistrodon acutus
  • One Cerrophidion ? Cerrophidion wilsoni
  • One Porthidium ? Porthidium ophryomegas
  • One Atropoides ? Atropoides picadoi
  • One Garthius ? Garthius chaseni
  • One Mixcoatlus ? Mixcoatlus browni
  • One Ophryacus ? Ophryacus smaragdinus
  • One Ovophis ? Ovophis tonkinensis
  • One Bothrocophias ? Bothrocophias andianus
  • One Gloydius ? Gloydius intermedius
  • One Craspedocephalus ? Craspedocephalus trigonocephalus

Viperinae :

  • One Atheris ? Atheris nitschei
  • One Bitis ? Bitis parviocula
  • One Echis ? Echis jogeri
  • One Daboia ? Daboia russelii
  • One Vipera ? Vipera kaznakovi
  • One Macrovipera ? Macrovipera lebetinus turanica
  • One Montivipera ? Montivipera raddei
  • One Montatheris ? Montatheris hindii
  • One Proatheris ? Proatheris superciliaris
  • One Pseudocerastes ? Pseudocerastes fieldi
  • One Cerastes ? Cerastes gasperettii mendelssohni
  • One Causus ? Causus resimus
  • One Eristicophis ? Eristicophis macmahoni

Azemiopinae :

  • One Azemiops ? Azemiops feae

Scientific studies :

  • Relationship Between Individual Coloration, Crypsis, and Habitat Selection on Crotalus atrox in the Chihuahuan Desert at El Paso, Texas (2022/6 months)
  • Demographic study of a new Vipera berus population in Natural Parc Hautes Fagnes-Eifel, Belgium (2021/2 months)

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