Viktor Kovačević

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Hello friends,

My name is Viktor.I come from Serbia,14yo boy.

About my career

I have been birdwatching since 4/20/2018.For Batajnica, I discovered over 30 species of birds,many of which were photographed.From the beginning of 2022, I also started photographing insects but i stopped because its to hard to have two defferent hoby.Every photo of me, birds, plants, mushrooms, insects... is in this application.I really like to explore as many locations as possible.Of course, I like to prove each of my finds, mostly with a photo of the species.I like to learn from the elders, but also to learn from the younger ones.
I would like you to correct me if I am wrong because I really hate mistakes!I am in contact with the Society for the Protection and Study of Birds of Serbia, from which I get some information about birds.If you have any doubts about bird identification you can tag me on your post as often as you like.Let me just say that I'm bad at identifying birds outside the Europe!My goal in this app is to teach others and others to teach me. I think that would work great.

If you want to ask me something, contact me by email

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