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I've loved the outdoors since I was young, and many of my most enjoyable days have been on a trout stream fly fishing. While still true I now find myself, often as not, simply wandering thru the wilds of W. PA looking at mushrooms. (Should you happen to be hiking along the trail, I'll often be the guy crashing thru brush somewhere up on the ridge.)

With the help of many here, and two to three years of earnest effort, I've become a field identifier for the W. PA Mushroom Club. So I know a little, but also recognize how much more there is to know when it comes to fungi. I'll offer an ID on your observation only if I've found the mushroom myself, hopefully several times to allow a chance to study different specimens at varying stages of maturity. I really don't want to be wrong. Typically I will comment as to why, or if I think I can add some insight.

Which brings me to my personal IDs of my observations. I don't post most of what I find. What I do post. Maybe a particularly handsome find. Or if it is the first time or two that species has emerged in the year, yet it isn't up on our project (I like to check in and see what is going on in our local woods based on what others are seeing - when that first Grifola frondosa is posted in the fall I know where I'm going). But I'm most drawn to any odd or unique observation, regardless of how small. Something new to me. Those I post, and will spend effort to make an ID, which I know can/will be wrong. I hold to the Socratic method when it comes to learning. I like to get feedback and challenge. I don't mind being wrong now. It is how I learn. I'd rather be wrong trying to make a distinction (if possible) at the species level than being right with confirmation of Genus.

I'm struggling to take that next step.

Tight lines & good 'shrooming.

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