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♥Automatically add location-data to your photo's (for Windows user)
Things needed:


  1. Make sure your digital camera has exactly the same time (and time zone) as your smartphone
  2. Turn on your phones GPS
  3. Open Geo Tracker & press the 'record button'
  4. Have a nice excursion and take photo's with your digital camera
  5. Stop recording your route and send the .gpx to your e-mail adress using the 'share' button in Geo Tracker
  6. Copy your photo's to your computer
  7. Open GeoSetter
  8. Locate your photo's and select them all in Geosetter (Ctrl + A)
  9. Press Ctrl + G, select the .gpx file, click OK and wait till done

Now you can upload your photo's to INaturalist without the need to specify your observation location anymore!

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