S. Phippen

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A birder and nature enthusiast for over 40 years. Former wildlife contractor working and volunteering with the Canadian Wildlife Service, a forestry contractor in British Columbia , Lakehead University, and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) conducting bird and vegetation surveys. Participated and or participating in three of Ontario’s Breeding Bird Atlases (a regional coordinator for the third), Breeding Bird Survey and Forest Bird Monitoring programs. Conducted bird surveys in northern BC; central and northern Ontario; and Hudson Bay lowlands. Also birded across Canada, (as well as the high arctic on Baffin Island), USA, and the Caribbean. Assisted in a small and large mammal surveys for university graduate students and the OMNR in northern Ontario. I am also a professional forester with experience in plant and tree identification in northern Ontario and British Columbia. Having said all that I am forever learning, so, if I make a mistake, excuse me.!
With INaturalist I am now expanding my interests into other areas like amphibians and insects.

My only suggestion for people who are weighing in on observations, if you agree, great but if not please take the time to explain why.

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