Meredith Schnoll

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Meredith Schnoll is a nature photographer and photo editor, naturalist, writer, artist and experienced scuba diver, based in Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands. Meredith has dived and photographed marine environments for 25 years in over 20 countries, and she is also a PADI-certified Coral Restoration Specialist.

Meredith and her husband Steve were featured guest lecturers at Bonaire’s CIEE Marine Ecology Research Institute High School Abroad Program. Their lectures focused on promoting conservation behaviors in youth by teaching high school students how to use social media and photography to increase awareness of nature, conservation and marine ecology.

Meredith’s citizen science activities include conducting terrestrial bird surveys for STINAPA Bonaire, assisting in endemic parrot roost counts for Echo Bonaire and validating user data for Bonaire-based mollusk observations on

Meredith is also a trained silversmith who enjoys making jewelry and working with natural materials such as seaglass and driftwood

Her main interests on iNaturalist include Caribbean marine life, marine mollusks, intertidal life and Caribbean birds.


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