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I am a naturalist who devotes time to NOAA in sampling and identifying phytoplankton species that cause harmful algae blooms. I also document other types of plankton to supply data for various marine projects.

My work has occurred on both the coasts of Northern Florida and the Pacific Northwest (and soon in the U.S.. Virgin Islands). I love doing research, especially observing life under a microscope!

Originally, I used this site to help document biodiversity found on the northeast coast of Florida. This was one of the projects driven by the Whitney Marine Laboratory.

Observations have been photographed by me and my husband Tony Martinez (orcastony at Instagram). iNaturalist is a favorite hobby of ours and gives me an excuse to poke around in nature for long periods of time.

Here is a catalog of a wide assortment of books to help identify observations. Please check out my Goodreads bookshelf:

Online PDFs are:

"Photographic Identification Guide to Some Common Marine Invertebrates...”

"Identifying Marine Diatoms and Dinoflagellates"

"Identification manual for phytoplankton of the United States Atlantic coast”:

"Observations of Diatoms on the Coast of the State of Washington"

"Algae of Northwest Washington Lakes"

"High Sea Drifters, a guide to marine plankton"

"Phytoplankton Identification Catalog"

"Implementing an Ambient Phytoplankton Monitoring Program in Puget Sound Central Basin"

"Marine Plankton Diatoms of the West Coast of North America"

"A Student's Guide to Common Phytoplankton of Long Island Sound"

Common Pond Water Organisms:

Marine Phytoplankton of the Grand Strand Region of SC:

GTM Research Reserve Plankton:

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