Sabina Lucke Lawrence

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I'm a Land Steward at the Center for Natural Lands Management, working on preserves in Orange County, CA. I received my MS in biology from Cal State East Bay working with @jennyh in the Pollination Ecology & Conservation lab @csuebpollinators. The focus of my thesis research was behavioral thermoregulation and microsite use in foraging Anna's hummingbirds, and potential reproductive effects on plants they pollinate. Read about my MS work here (open access):

Interests include birds, animal behavior, pollinators, California native plants (especially coastal sage scrub), and all things ecology and natural history! Committed to ongoing DEIJ work in STEM, honoring traditional ecological knowledge of Indigenous peoples, and continuing to make the field of ecology & conservation more welcoming to all. She/her and bi in sci 🏳️‍🌈

Member and a volunteer curator of the California Pollination Project, found here:

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