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I am retired wildlife ecologist having worked for 36 years in the State Government of South Australia with the last 20 plus years being spent on the epidemiology of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease and Myxoma viruses in a single population of wild rabbits.
I walk my dog twice a day in the Gums Reserve in Tranmere SA and the area to its north along Third Creek. Last autumn I noticed a plethora of different fungi appearing in these 2 areas and I started taking photos with my phone. I have no knowledge of fungi but just am in awe of their beauty, complexity and their incredibly diversity. I have read a little now and have a tiny knowledge of the essential role fungi play in the environment and understand that climate change and habitat destruction are enormous risks to their diversity and survival.
I am now a member of The Gums LandCare Group and hope to eventually produce some form of documentation of the fungi of the The Gums for others to learn and appreciate these amazing organisms. I will continue to record as many species as possible, where they appear and for how long.

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