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Best way to bring in the new year 2024 - bioblitzin' Tasmania's central plateau - amazing things to see. Will try to make it an annual pilgrimage from now on!

If you want to hear what I sound like and the thrill of a bioblitz, here is a podcast very nicely recorded and edited by the Citizen Science Show team:

Latest blog on the GSB website:

Still the best bioblitz:

Check out the WA project here:

I lead environmental education activities for all ages into the bush and beach of the Victorian Surf Coast to teach people about this incredible place through my eyes as a biologist and naturalist.

Profile pic: Codium sp. (Green Dreadlocks)

This coastline is home to many unique and beautiful creatures. I aim to document many of them here.
More info on the education program:

Great Southern Bioblitz - A bioblitz project for the Southern Hemisphere

Blog about the International Bioblitz Challenge:

Previous SurfCoast September Biodiversity Month BioBlitz Projects:

A funny video I made about moths in a parody style of 'My Octopus Teacher' - 'My Moth Teacher'

Can anyone help with these 'Needs ID' Lepidoptera observations?

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