Holly Taylor

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I've had a lifelong love and fascination for the natural world, and enjoy nothing more than learning new things and seeing new places.

I graduated from TTU in '09 with a BA in Conservation Biology.

I spent 6 years working as a Seasonal Interpretive Ranger for Tennessee State Parks, and two summers conducting educational wildlife programs (primarily reptiles) for the Natural History Education Company of the Mid-South.

I am currently employed part-time as an Interpretive Ranger assisting the State Naturalist for Tennessee State Parks, and the chapter coordinator for the Cumberland Mountain State Park Tennessee Naturalist Program.

I live in Putnam County with my husband (a Park Ranger) and 8 year old son, who is already a budding naturalist.

Hiking, kayaking, fishing, bird watching, nature photography, raising rare poultry breeds, growing orchids and gardening are among my [too] many hobbies.

I love wildflowers and birds, and have a special weak spot for the creepy crawlies.

As a Naturalist I get to study and share a wide variety of subjects including geology, botany, dendrology, history, herpetology, entomology and much, much more. Tennessee has so much to offer, and I love it more every day!

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