Paul Asman

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I began attempting to identify what I saw outdoors in third grade, starting with rocks and minerals. I went on to birds, then fish I photographed while snorkeling, and then everything else. I'm now retired. I have no scientific training; my dissertation was on Aristotle. I began posting on iNaturalist as the request of a marine biologist who found some pictures of a jelly I took in Fiji and had posted on Flickr. I continued with some photos of fish taken at Lizard Island, Queensland, when the co-director of the research station there and I couldn't agree on their identification. On a recent road trip, I used iNaturalist to identify some of what I saw, and thought that I needed to do my part. I've begun to upload other pictures I've posted on Flickr. I'm hoping to have correct identifications confirmed and incorrect ones corrected.

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