Patrick Hacker

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My main interest is botany (with a focus on alien species) but I always strive to expand my knowledge of other organisms as well. I studied Conservation Biology and Biodiversity Management at the University of Vienna and work in the field of nature conservation.

Feel free to ask if you want an explanation for one of my IDs, I'll gladly provide one.

Please only agree with an ID by others if you can confirm yourself that it is correct. Everyone can make mistakes and blindly agreeing might lead to a misidentified Research Grade observation.

Projects and identification guides in English [EN] and German [DE]:

If you are a plant identifier, please check this list of observations where my ID currently is a maverick.

My goals for 2023 are to reach 1.675 species in the "Flora von Österreich" project, 1.250 species in the "Weinviertel" project and 1.000 species in the "Seewinkel" project.

Species counts: Flora Ö. | Weinviertel | Seewinkel
2023-01-01: 1.545 (-130) | 834 (-416) | 558 (-442)
2023-02-01: 1.547 (-128) | 844 (-406) | 561 (-439)
2023-03-01: 1.546 (-129) | 847 (-403) | 565 (-435)

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