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I am Swarochi, a high schooler who bunks classes to take photos of living things and give IDs on iNat.I go crazy when i see an odonate(as my username suggests) i love them.My previous username was physics-freak but i figured that name sucks so i switched.
Other than Odonata,I like hover flies,beetles,moths and butterflies. I have been slowly learning moth identification and i am very bad at it for now but i should get better.
If any of my ids are wrong,please feel free to correct me as i am just an enthusiast and not an expert. I don't get offended by anything and I am here to learn.

I also love going outside and observing everything my eye can see. I am a total nature addict and nature takes me to extreme highs. I hope others here reading this are like me. If yes,send me a message! I would love to observe with you guys!!

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One of my observations has been selected as iNat observation of the day. It’s Chlaenius malachinus,a tiny little cute beetle which is also my profile pic😍

I found this beetle beside a dumpyard near my house(that is common in india) and it looked rather boring to my untrained eyes other than the yellow spot.I took the pic anyway just to document it. Almost a month later, @borisb added an identification to it and that was when I realised it was an iNat first! Few days later, I was checking my discord after waking up in the morning and one of my friends told me that my obs has become observation of the day. I jumped out of my bed and checked iNat and i couldnt believe my eyes! This had been one of my goals every since i came t this community and I am so happy that it finally came true :)

I made Young Naturalists Community,a project to bring together all the young people under 21. you can join it if you are one of the Young Naturalists.We also have a Discord server for the project members. If you have joined the project,please do ask me or any admin to send a discord invite :)

If you are from india, do consider joining iNat India whatsapp group

I have a YouTube channel,the Physics Freak

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Go do ur homework now kiddos :)

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