Rhianon Gill - Kesali

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I'm an Australian Romani Gypsy who moved to the United States when I was almost ten, where I discovered a Reader's Digest book called North American Wildlife in my Stepdad's barn. I devoured that book and got to know it cover to cover. After that, my brother gave me a new field guide or encyclopaedia for my birthday and Christmas every year, and I got to know all the plants, animals, and fungi around me. Taking "The Book" every time I travelled, I would spend time getting to know as much wildlife as possible in every new place I went.
As a tween, I was featured in a New York Times article about child photographers back when my camera of choice was the new Sony Mavica, that used floppy discs as storage! Now all my photos are shot on a humble little old Nikon D40X, or my iPhone 12 mini.
One of my related passions is wildlife preservation, invasive control, and increasing native biodiversity in my local regions. Other passions include collecting -and wearing- vintage dresses, sharing pictures to my Instagram account @gunnewitch, and making & selling nature and Romani inspired jewellery (@kesali.creations on Insta)
My heart belongs in the mountains of Colorado, but I currently live in the Midwest.

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