Sandy Thomas

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My husband has worked as a biologist at the Academy of Natural of Sciences of Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA for over 40 years. He has taught me a lot about birds, butterflies, moths, insects, and other things in nature. This includes what to look for when photographing observations, what to look for when identifying and where to look for information.

Now that I am retired he has encouraged me to really get out into nature to see what I can find, photograph and identify. I have been getting to see different species that I never really paid attention to before. Now I look and say I need to photograph this and identify it.

We love to travel and it's been an opportunity to learn about wildlife, flora and fauna in the states and countries we've been to and those we will get to in the future.

I like to do identifications on iNat for things I'm familiar with so that others can get confidence in their observations as well.

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