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I'm 19 and I currently in the process of leaving Papua New Guinea. My interest in lepidoptera started 3 years earlier in Texas.

I firmly hold the conviction that a good way to bring glory and awareness to God is to share his creation. Either by photographs, specimens, or word of mouth. It is a good way for people to get introduced to him, or to see a different side to him. He has filled the Earth with his masterpieces after all.

He has been good to me and has entrusted me with many of his creatures. He has given me his bags of gold to make an investment off of, a return so to speak. Therefore, I must bring glory to him for all the observations on this website that I've made. He deserves the credit, not I. I will exalt his name through means of all the lepidoptera I've seen, pointing people to the master artist.
Oh, and I like Saturniidae moths too. 😀

Psalms 50:11 - ' I know every bird in the mountains, and all the insects of the fields are mine.' -God

John 3:16- ' For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son (Jesus), that whoever believes(has faith) in him shall not perish(go to hell) but have everlasting life(will go to heaven).

There are never any duplicate species on my observation page and the observation count reflects the number of individual species seen. I am trying to put together an almost perfect, personal lepidoptera 'pokèdex'.
I guess you could say that micro moths are my specialty, because that's pretty much all I see lol.

Adios Papua, thanks for the memories😊

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