Adrienne van den Beemt

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I found iNaturalist during the pandemic- started as an identifier in 2020, bought my first real camera in 2021, got a macro lens in 2022, and now my free time is revolving around exploring outdoors and learning new critters. I'm particularly interested in insects.

I am grateful for this platform to share my observations, learn from others, and help people with identifications. I'm a generalist, and I identify in the eastern US. If I've made a mistake or haven't considered all the options, please let me know.

I grew up in Maryland and have 25 years experience as an environmental educator and teacher in MD, MI, ME, NJ, RI, Mexico (1998-1999), Costa Rica (2009-2013), and now DC.

Some of my jobs have included being a: naturalist, planetarium operator, ropes course instructor, door-to-door fund-raiser for water protection, ship-board educator, teacher in a nature guide training program, hiking guide, wildlife control technician, and various combinations of teaching science and math to kids from 5 to 15. I'm now back at my sweet spot as a 4th-6th grade science teacher.

Fun fact: In 1995 I was on an MTV health show, in a short segment teaching people how to cook and eat insects. Hence the username :)

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