Miguel A Mejias, M.Sc.

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My curiosity and intimacy with nature dates back to my childhood. This innate connection would eventually lead me to work alongside Bermudian Naturalist and Ornithologist, Dr. David Wingate, who inspired me to pursue a career in said field. I'm at my happiest outdoors, with binoculars and camera in hand, photographing and documenting as many bird species in my home country of Bermuda, where I hope to settle and pursue Ornithology and Conservation as a career.

While Ornithology is my first love, I do appreciate, photograph, and record other lifeforms across the island. Additional favourites include plants (especially drift seeds and sea beans), seashells, land snails, fish, and moths. Nonetheless, my primary goal is to use iNaturalist to record as many species in Bermuda as possible, whether native or introduced. My hope is that these records will serve as a significant resource for myself, and others interested in Bermuda's biodiversity.

In line with my primary goal, I run a joint iNaturalist account called Bermuda Public Records (@bermuda_public_records), where we upload significant records from members of the public, and that might not necessarily be recorded on our private accounts.

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Macropsychanthus comosus - 5/19/2022

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Macropsychanthus comosus - 5/31/2022


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