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I am a world authority on molluscs particularly land and freshwater species. I have published a number of papers on Australian and US land and freshwater molluscs naming numerous new species and genera. I also own an environmental consultancy specialising invertebrates especially endangered molluscs and insects, Invertebrate Identification Australasia, which also has a large specimen reference collection and library. I have worked at the Australian Museum, Sydney and the Field Museum, Chicago and I am currently a research associate at both museums for several years. I have been studying molluscs for more than 35 years in Australia and the US. I am also the NSW National Parks recognised expert for Meridolum corneovirens and Pommerhelix duralensis. My PhD was looking at the taxonomy, systematics and genetics of the land snail genus Meridolum (Camaenidae) and my Masters was on the taxonomy and genetics for the freshwater snail Posticobia (Tateidae).

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