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will be back in a few weeks maybe

What a great year 2020 has been... -_- Alas, I am quite sick again. I will mostly not be doing IDs unless you tag me, so if you need an ID you know what to do! Hopefully I can form a coherent thought :P

I'm always happy to offer an opinion but I don't have a huge amount of ID material with me at the moment so I may not be able to say anything definitively.

Entomology student specialising in Australian mantises, but with a keen interest in all orthopteroid insects and of course all organisms! I used to post my own sightings on Bowerbird ( but now that the site is being shut down I've transferred them all over to iNat. I'm also woefully behind on sorting through all my photos, so most of my sightings will be at least two years old by the time I get to them! Follow me on Facebook for nature photography and entomological musings (

I currently do IDs for all the Mantodea of Oceania as well as for a variety of Australian taxa that are grouped together in this project. I'll get around to them all eventually but if I've missed one and you want an ID, please tag me!

I recently created a handy guide to help people identify the introduced South African Mantis (Miomantis caffra) in Australia that can be accessed here

I'll hopefully get around to all of the Australian Orthopteroids eventually, but in the meantime check out the project I've made for them:

Have a look at some of my favourite places here:

I often spend a lot of time trying to identify my sightings, so recently started adding all of my thought processes to sightings where I have put a lot of effort in. They should be pretty helpful for people who want to try to identify their own sightings. All are collected here.

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