Martin Mandák

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I am a freelance zoologist from the Czech Republic fascinated by the tropics. Since 2012 I have undertaken 16 trips to six countries stretching across all "tropical" continents. The more I travel, the more I prefer non-touristy sites that haven't lost their own spirit yet and enjoy meeting local people (the less Westerners I see, the better...).

On iNaturalist I present pictures of wider variety of animals apart from birds (if so, only temporarily for ID purposes) from these travels. Of these groups, I upload at least one image of particular taxa from each locality regardless its quality since distribution of many tropical species (especially of invertebrates) is still poorly known. I most enjoy photography of nocturnals with my macro lens and external flash.

All the people that I follow on iNat I have been delighted to meet in person. If you have any questions or you are interested in my pictures, do not hesitate to contact me.

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