Martin Gil Gallo

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My name is Martín Gil, I am an amateur nature observer from Mazatlan, Sinaloa. I currently work as an Asset Manager in the Finance Department of one of the largest hotel companies in Mexico.
I love nature and spending time connecting with it. My favorite hobbies are swimming in the sea, watching sunsets and sunrises, observing the night sky full of stars and cosmic objects.
Some of the activities that I like to do in nature are snorkeling, diving, hiking, kayaking or paddle surfing.
I have recently developed a passion for bird watching, so I love using this platform and getting help from the community. However, I also like plants, especially flowers and large trees, as well as any animals that I see in the wild.
I love promoting Mazatlán and its natural beauty, so if you come to visit, do not hesitate to contact me to receive any recommendation you need, especially if you are looking for an animal or plant that I have identified or any other thing about our amazing city.
My photos are taken with an Iphone 11 Pro and with a Go Pro Hero 4.

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