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Hi there!
I am a 17yr old naturalist who lives in George ( Western Cape, South Africa ) and loves absolutely everything to do with nature (except maybe large specimens in the genus Harpactira- see I have a special interest in indigenous orchids, but am also a keen herper, birder, ichthyologist and trying to become something of an entomologist. My profile picture shows Disa arida, a beautiful little orchid Redlisted as Endangered - see l am a member of CREW ( Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers), and l appreciate living in a country with such diverse wildlife and so many endemic species.
Due to my interest in endemics, I started this project: feel free to join!
I am a Christian, which means that I believe Jesus Christ died for us to save us from our sins because we couldn't save ourselves. The important thing to realize is that God is in complete control- nothing bad can happen to you without His permission. Once you realize this, you will start thanking Him for every aspect of your life, whether it seems bad to you or not.
If you want to learn more about Christianity or just want to contact me about something, please write to .
You can also message me on inat (top right corner, envelope icon)
Have a great day further!

Christ died for you- therefore live for him.

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