Logan A.W. Lalonde

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Started actually using Inaturalist in early August of this year after joined nearly a year before.

21 years old ~ I love birds, butterflies, mammals, and currently getting progressively more intrigued in insects, plants, and anything else natural under the biosphere. Birding Director for the Central Okanagan Naturalist's Club since 14. Studying bird migration through the Okanagan Valley, breeding studies on species in the area, and a bit on hybrid birds right now, and recent such studies nearing publication.

Based out of Kelowna, British Columbia, I am an extremely passionate birder and non-professional (yet) ornithologist, who enjoys seeing birds wherever I go. Conservation of habitat and birds are huge issues that I want to help address to all of the world, and to share my love of birding with everyone. I'm a indefatigable twitcher, and absolutely relish in chasing after rare birds... but there's something very special about finding my own rarities. Am totally enthralled by the mystery shrouding birds, from their incredible migratory patterns, to their tactical breeding habits. Love the topic of variation and out of range instances that birds have. Hardcore into birding in all aspects, I will go to huge lengths to find birds. Most importantly, I find joy in birding. I'm also very interested in bird photography, which adds a new and uniquely challenging aspect to birding in general.

Underresearched in all respects, butterflies are an often neglected facet of winged organisms, submitting to the flashier and most popularized avian world. It's a true pleasure to research these beauties as they traverse the world on their delicate wings.

Take care nature-lovers of the world!


eBird : https://ebird.org/profile/MzY0ODQ4/CA
Instagram : logan_lalonde_photography
Flickr : https://www.flickr.com/photos/101469605@N02/

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