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Just a random 17 year old that likes to know all about the local environment in South Florida. I love finding new species and organisms that I've never seen before, especially in places I frequent, like my own backyard.

I use iNat as a learning tool, and I may be able to help with some common South Florida taxa, but I'm no expert, so feel free to correct me with any identifications.

Most photos will now be taken on Olympus OM-5 with M.Zuiko 60mm macro with or without Raynox DCR-250

Most photos before 5/28/2024 are taken on Sony SLT-A58 using Raynox DCR-250 Lens or on iPhone 15 Pro.

If you would like to use my photos I would love to know! (Even though you don't have to ask)

Location may be obscured for privacy

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