Kristal Watrous

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Professional melittologist (native bee biologist) and entomologist, located in Southern California. Currently working in the UC Irvine Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, studying bee microbiomes. Previous work has included: 5+ years with field research, identification and monitoring of California bumble bees, experimental research with lab-reared bumble bees, and occasional work with native solitary bee species; 3 years working with native pollinators and pest insect monitoring in Pennsylvania agriculture and ag-wild landscape interface; and a Masters degree from Utah State in the pollination ecology of Astragalus filipes, a Great Basin native plant grown for native forb seed for post-fire landscape restoration.

I am passionate about natural history, and sometimes wish I could be an 18th century naturalist. While my main focus is entomology, especially melittology, plants are critical for the survival of my favorite insects, and thus I spend a lot of time thinking about pollination ecology and botany.

I am an enthusiastically curious naturalist, always learning about the world around me. If you have questions about an identification of mine, or insights into better IDs, please reach out to me. I am reachable here, and via email and twitter ([at]melittophile on twitter).

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