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There's a lot of talk about conservation for the sake of our children, grandchildren, humanity, etc. Blah blah blah, me me me.

Where is the talk of conservation just for the love of life beyond our single species? Where is the talk of the intrinsic value of this vast complex ecosystem on this speck surrounded by, as far as we know, infinitely more vast lifelessness? Where is the talk of the value of the beings that share our space with sentience different from our own? Why can't we value rights of the existence of whole species in a way that relates, even remotely, to our own inconveniences?

To me, part of being down-to-earth means realizing what an unnecessary hindrance and complication shoes can be.

No enchanted forest is complete without the mesmerizing singing of a wood thrush. My opinion about its wonderfulness just aligns with what everyone already knows, therefore people accept me as sincere, but it's not always like that when I talk of certain other birds. So, just to be clear:

When I say I think common grackles have beautiful songs and turkey vultures are cute, I mean it!

thank you

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In my neighborhood, the crop harvested in greatest quantity is trash. Grass clippings that could be left or mulched where they stand, enriching the soil and biodiversity, are instead placed in plastic bags destined for landfills or, at best, incineration. Efforts to divert these nutrients back to local soil are generally met with hostility. This make me very sad.

Let's face facts:
All roses are thornless.
There's only one kind of nut in mixed nuts.
If you want to add berries to a fruit smoothie, eggplant is a better choice than strawberry.

So, he was all like "NeedsID" and she was like "HaveID" and I was like "Cool, we should do this more often."

Anyone who identifies themselves as a bean transcription specialist, details please.

Life goal: find a philosophy that I am comfortable living by in time to live by it.

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