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I am the Engagement Lead at Big Sur Land Trust (, providing organization-wide infrastructure and program support and development, and working to enhance Big Sur Land Trust’s community of staff, donors, volunteers, and external partners.

To support the collection of biodviersity data and our engagement of community scientists, I launched and administer the Big Sur Land Trust iNaturalist umbrella project ( If you'd like to be an iNaturalist for Big Sur Land Trust, I invite you to join the Big Sur Land Trust project ( and plan a visit to one of our beautiful nature preserves by submitting a hike request (

Background on me:
I am a native Californian (Bay Area) now splitting time between California and Colorado (summers). I hold a PhD in Ocean Sciences (University of California, Santa Cruz); my research focused on harmful algal blooms and coastal phytoplankton ecology. I continue to contribute towards phytoplankton monitoring efforts at Monterey Wharf, and support phytoplankton identification at various sites from Bodega Bay to Monterey, California.

Other activities include:

  • Secretary and Editor for the San Francisco Microscopical Society (
  • Advisor/planner for Coastwalk California (
  • Ultramarathoner with a passion for new terrain - or new discoveries on old terrain.

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