Randolph (Randy) King

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I grew up in the Blackland Prairie and was fascinated by the bobwhites that once were a common evening sound. I was always fascinated by herps, especially lizards. After high school I moved into the Cross Timbers Transition (OKC Metro) and got a Bachelor's in Illustration, while working as a tour guide at the local zoo. I mostly remained a general nature enthusiast until my rockhounding hikes turned into kayaking trips where I would see birds, to birding trips where I would be in a kayak. Shortly after I finally got a handle on how birding works (Thanks especially to Cody Delano and Joe Grzybowski) I ended up back where I started.
I try to help with conservation, restoration, and banding events, and I'm also trying to get a clearer map of grasshopper ranges especially in our little corner of the country.
I also do very simple light trapping, and am obsessed with my neighborhood wetlands.

Heart of Texas Master Naturalist (CTMN class of 2023)

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