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Graduate Student at Tennessee Technological University - M.S. Biology

I am a botanist and nature photographer with an interest in all aspects of nature, particularly endangered wildflowers and plants. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Botany from Tennessee Technological University in 2023. During my undergraduate studies, I gained valuable experience working in the Hollister Herbarium (HTTU), where I identified preserved herbarium specimens, pressed plants, and entered and logged plant specimens into SERNEC (database for herbarium). I also served as a teaching assistant for the General Botany (BIOL 2310) class at Tech for several semesters, and I am currently a graduate teaching assistant for Field Botany (BIOL 3240). I recently assisted my graduate advisor and fellow graduate students, in monitoring the federally endangered Physaria globosa. Grateful for this experience.

Teaching floristically intensive labs allows me to continually refine my plant identification skills using dichotomous keys and various guides. Most of my work and experience centers around Tennessee's fauna and flora. My research interests focus on the flora of the Southeastern United States, with a particular emphasis on endangered species.

Happy to be corrected if I misidentify. I am learning everyday myself, and I do make mistakes!

I am grateful to everyone who provides identifications for my observations. To my identifiers, thank you; I appreciate you.

If you're ever in the Upper Cumberland Region or surrounding area, and you want to go botanizing, message me on iNat. Always looking to meet new biology-botany people.


Currently attending:
Tennessee Technological University
Master of Science - Biology M.S.

Tennessee Technological University
Bachelor of Science - Biology B.S.

Volunteer State Community College
Associate of Science - Biology A.S.

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