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Ecologist at Michigan State University.

See below information on an R package I am developing to make easily manipulated data frames from the iNaturalist API. Additional functionality is forthcoming but the main function to make data frames of API calls up to 10,000 records is live.

iNatTools R Package

Help file for the main function iNat():
or by calling on ?iNat



Fetch all bird observations within a kilometer of the Empire State Building:
df <- iNat(taxon_id = 3, lat = 40.748424, lng = -73.985698, radius = 1)

Fetch all observations of Gastropoda (47114) for a user_id (473359):
df <- iNat(user_id = 473359, taxon_id = 47114)

Fetch all observations of flowering dicots for a project:
df <- iNat(project="golden-ears-provincial-park", taxon_id = 47124, term_id = 12, term_value_id = 13)

Fetch deer (Cervidae) observed on 2019-06-19:
df <- iNat(taxon_id = 42158, observed_on = "2019-06-19")

Fetch all observations created for a project for the first 3 days of May 2019:
df <- iNat(project="bowerbird", created_d1="2019-05-01", created_d2="2019-05-03")

Fetch all observations of Felidae that have IUCN endangered status and are Research Grade:
df <- iNat(csi = "EN", taxon_id = 41944, quality_grade = "research")

Fetch all monarch butterfly observations within a specific bounding box of latitude and longitude:
df <- iNat(taxon_id = 48662, nelat = 40, nelng = -94, swlat = 39, swlng = -95)

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or would like additional examples added.

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