Graham Montgomery

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PhD candidate at UCLA (he/him) studying insect declines/insectivorous birds and currently getting obsessed with Psocoptera!

I manage lists of vertebrate families of the world, insect families of the world, & plant families of the world, based on Catalog of Life & APG IV, with modifications, and which I try to keep up-to-date with recent taxonomic changes. These are useful for keeping track of what families you've seen, what families you haven't seen, and maybe other things -- feel free to duplicate, comment on, use, etc.

I often photograph insects on white backgrounds in the field, using a small, portable studio. This effect emphasizes the subject's form, color, and individuality. Check out the inverts on white backgrounds project for more!

I usually don't collect the organisms I photograph, but am happy to help out researchers when possible!

Current photo equipment (2023)

  • Canon 5d mk iv, mpe-65mm lens, 100mm macro lens, 400mm telephoto, Kuangren KX-800 twin flash/Canon MT-26ex, a few Yongnuo speedlites, and homemade diffusers
  • Olympus TG-6 for underwater photos
  • Compound microscope: Swift SW380T with a SwiftCam 1803-CK for microscopic life
  • + a phone camera for quick shots

PS you can search my observations by photo quality with the tags "GM_HQ", "GM_MQ", and "GM_LQ."

Email: montgomery.graham (at)

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