Janson Jones

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Raised and currently living in Volusia county, Florida, I teach rhetoric, humanities, and composition for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University during the week and play in the vines and tangles of Floridian ecology and wildlife on the weekends. A lifelong student of ecology, evolution, and biodiversity, there's nothing quite like working with and photographing organisms trying to scratch out a living in an otherwise harsh and difficult world -- a world quickly changing environmentally and ecologically.

NOTE: I re-started by iNaturalist account from scratch in June of 2018. With years of materials posted, my data/metadata was all over the place. By restarting from scratch, I hope to keep everything a bit more consistently organized. It'll take some time to "catch up" to where I was on iNaturalist, but with improvements in iNat's usability, this should be more of a fun process than a laborious one.

I also maintain a Florida-centric wildlife photography blog at http://floridensis.com. If you'd like to use any of my images for any reason, please send me an email at jansonjones [at] iCloud [dot] com.

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