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Beetle Photo and Finding Tips:

Please note that there are >7,500 beetle spp. in Texas so getting the best photo possible is important to get an identification.
Try to include at least one straight dorsal shot, preferably with the insect vertically positioned
Beetle groups that should also be shot from the rear are Bostrichids, Bruchines and Scolytines
If shooting against a white background, increase exposure ~2 stops
To ID a mystery beetle, try scrolling through my Travis County Beetle Survey page of >1,000 spp.

To go beyond just the insects that come to flowers or UV lights, one really needs to beat and sweep the vegetation
I primarily live collect insects and shoot them via Canon's seminal MP-E 65mm 1-5x macro lens w/ a ring flash against a white background. I feel that ring flashes are underappreciated in their speed and effectiveness in rapidly acquiring great insect shots. More details on my field and photo techniques here.

The Primary Websites I Utilize:

TexasEnto | Travis Co. Beetles | BugGuide | GBIF | Cerambycidae Cat | MCZ, Harvard | BHL | NAPA | Wayback[Time]Machine |


M.Sc. in Entomology, B.Sc. in Wildlife from Texas A&M.

Curatorial Assistant, University of Texas Insect Collection, Austin.

I mostly photograph specimens from UTIC (Austin) and TAMUIC (College Station), but have also briefly worked w collections in AZ, AR, DC, FL, IL, LA, OH, OK, NM, NY, and VA. I encourage folks to collect insects that come to your lights and donate them to a prominent local collection. Please contact me for more information.

First Invertebrate Biologist for Texas Parks & Wildlife.

Almost exclusively working on the Beetles of Texas and Oklahoma.

Active editor of BugGuide where most of my invert pix were originally posted. I have contributed to the editing of nearly every Texas beetle Info page on BugGuide.

Most of what I know about beetles, I learned under the direct tutelage of Edward G. Riley

Am among the top posters of beetle spp. to iNat.


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