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Based in DeKalb County, IL. 22yo amateur photographer with a fondness for lepidopterology, including host plants, flowers, herps, and owls. I hope to one day become an advocate for the conservation of nature and make photography into a career.
I stick to IDing what I know best, but will typically upload anything that interests me or sparks my curiosity (which I'm sure I end up misidentifying, so please educate me!). If you'd like to message me about something, feel free.

All captive-raised taxa, even if for a short period, will be marked as such and thus will have the "casual" tag. Rearing butterflies and silk moths is a hobby of mine and allows me to get better photos, so there may be quite a few.

The detrimental threat of habitat loss for what I've come to know and love growing up has become increasingly alarming. My state is known as "The Prairie State," once thriving with millions of acres of abundant life, all working in synergy. It's saddening that even to this day, with one one hundredth of a percent of unique prairies remaining, conservationists still have to fight a losing battle to spread an ounce of awareness for these diminishing habitats and species. Bell Bowl Prairie is just one example of inconsiderate, petty authoritarians who, like many others around the world, are slowly ushering us towards a more lifeless, unsustainable Earth for our future generations.

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