Duncan J. MacDonald

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This account is a digitized version of the Duncan J. McDonald Insect Collection. McDonald was a professor of biology at Middlebury College from 1967 to 1985. The collection began when he started teaching as an attempt to show the diversity of insects in and around Vermont. The collection now resides in McCardell Bicentennial Hall, Middlebury's science building. The digitization of the collection was done by Claire Contreras, class of 2022.5, in summer 2020. The collection has not been completely digitized and will be finished by others in the coming years. For more information on the collection, please read the Middlebury Magazine’s 2019 article here: http://middleburymagazine.com/features/natural-collection/.

Contact Mark Spritzer (Prof. of Biology, mspritze@middlebury.edu) if you have any questions.

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