Dr. Premek Hamr

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I am a recently retired teacher from Upper Canada College where he taught Environmental Systems and Biology for the last 20 years. Presently I am a happy freelance crayfish biologist again and my research centers on the distribution and life history of Ontario's crayfishes as well as the expansion of exotic crayfishes in Canada. I also do a lot of the IDs of crayfishes for MNRF and OFAH invasive species sections.
I obtained my Bachelor’s degree at Concordia University in Montreal and my Master’s degree from Trent University in Peterborough. My doctorate is from the Zoology Department at the University of Tasmania. As a part of my PhD thesis, I studied the life history of the Giant Tasmanian Crayfish, a spectacular species, which reaches weights of up to 4 kg. I have also worked for the Inland fisheries Commission in Australia, the Canadian Wildlife Service in Canada and before UCC I lectured in Biology at Trent University.

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