Eric Doucette

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I am an associate professor of Biology at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts where I teach Field Botany (Tracheophytes), Bryology and Lichenology, and Ecology. Prior to this I was a consulting botanist in Maine and president of the Josselyn Botanical Society (Maine's Botanical Society) for nine years. I still spend a lot of time botanizing in Maine in the summer, as well as leading walks and doing surveys for local land trusts in south-central Maine. I study the genus Amelanchier (serviceberries) but have a broad interest in the regional flora as a whole.

You will notice that in a lot of photos I have purposely included my wedding ring for scale. The ring is exactly 5 mm in width and measurements using it for calibration (such as in ImageJ) are pretty accurate when the plant organ is in the same plane and/or close to the ring. If the object is at an oblique angle or away from my hand more than a centimeter I would recommend just using it as a rough guide.

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