Donovan Kirkwood

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Curator of Stellenbosch University Botanical Garden. I live in Noordhoek, Cape Peninsula and iNat most often in local Strandveld and Fynbos habitat. My training is mostly ecology and career background is landscape conservation so that job title does not imply taxonomic expertise.

Current work conservation focus: ex situ growing of species at extreme risk of extinction, and communicating the exceptional biodiversity and threats facing our Cape lowland habitats, especially near Cape Town and the Winelands.

If you know of En, Cr or highly localised species or key populations at immediate risk (e.g. clearing for approved development) please message or tag me in observations, & sharing locality if you have obscured it for species at risk of poaching - after verifying that I am who I say I am and that I am operating legally and ethically (-;. SUBG tries wherever possible to propagate only from seed or cuttings or divisions but will also conduct search and rescue for critical species or habitats, and all collection only with required provincial permits and landowner permissions as part of official work.

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