David A. Krause

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My science interests are mostly in Botany, Ecology, and Mycology.
I have long been a fan of wildflowers and mushrooms, exploring the California region from my home in Cambria.
I am a long-time member of the California Native Plant Society and am active with the San Luis Obispo Chapter.
Since my retirement, I have been able to enjoy more time in these pursuits.

BS in Botany, San Diego State University
MS in Biology, San Diego State University
California Community College Credential—Biological Science, Botanical Sciences, Ornamental Horticulture
California Professional Clear Single Subject Teaching Credential—Life Science

Professional and Teaching Experience
Research Associate—Research Project: Convergent Evolution in Chile and California, San Diego State University
Lecturer—San Diego State University, Botany Department
Teacher—San Diego City College, Biology Department
Teacher—Cuesta College, Biology Department
Teacher—Paso Robles High School, Science Department


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