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I'm a natural history photographer and retired college photo instructor. Seriously butterflying since 1986. Consider myself to be a mid-level identifier of butterflies, who tries to know what I know and what I don't know. Yet sometimes I put down an ID that seems to me just lose, in hopes of triggering a correction or finer detail. Most of my field work is in the Pacific Northwest, currently based in Ashland, Oregon, with samplings through the years all around North America. Author of "Wings in the Light: Wild Butterflies in North America, Yale University Press, 2019.

I have chosen to concentrate on natural-light hand-held methods, for years doing only butterflies. A few years ago I added day-flying moths, and now occasionally other organisms.

When photographing I work for three types of result: Occurrence data, which can be a poor photo as long as there's no doubt of the species; field-guide quality, showing marks sharply and thoroughly; and artistic photos with energetic lighting and additional design elements, often plants or rocks the butterflies perch on. I also make habitat views—please inquire if interested.

When different appearances of the same species are present, I often will photograph and post a series, just as a series would be collected for specimen study.

When I am very sure that two different views show the same individual, I often splice them together into a single JPG image. I may be sure because of distinguishing wing tear marks, or because while photographing I recorded a video memo to that effect.

My images posted on iNaturalist are generally cropped tightly. If you are interested in using more expansive versions showing more habitat or having more expressive or artistic power, please inquire.

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