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Profile pic from the top of one of the Mountains in Raro. July 2022.

Favourite quote: Helen Keller, "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all."

Nature and the outdoors are where it is at. I live as simply and healthily as possible, drinking only water, breathing only air. Good food, good company, good music, massage, hot pools, are all soul food. Love to play guitar, sing, and partner dance when the opportunity comes up.

Always keen to meet fellow nature frothers and/or go looking for cool stuff.

HMU if ur going on a fun adventure.

Next adventure:
July: Laos
August: Vietnam
September: Sumbawa, Sumba, Komodo Islands.
Oct: NI, NZ.
Mid Oct: The Catlins, back to work.

Currently the all time top observer of species in NZ on iNat:
Leaderboard Hit "Species" tab on the right hand side.

My time on iNaturalistNZ by year:
🥈2nd most species observed.

🥇 most species observed.

🥇most observations.
🥇 most species observed.

🥈2nd most observations.
🥇 most species observed.
🥉3rd most identifications made for others.

iNat international observation of the Day:
Aug 27 2021 My NZ Paddleworm Obs!

iNat international obs of the week:
How to win friends and influence people :P

My scientifically significant finds:
New Zealand Discoveries Project

Projects I have created:
Bird Dispersed Weeds

Botanic Gardens in NZ are full of weeds

NZ Bird Calls

Wilding Pines

Fellow iNutters I have met or been exploring with:

Lloyd_esler: a couple of coastal adventures in Otago.
Reinderw: loads of adventures in Canty now a good friend :)
Joepb: a few botanical adventures around Canty.
Melissa_hutchison: loads of botanical adventures in Canty, friends now.
Felixcollins: lots of adventures in Canty.
Tomatwai-ora: lots of adventures in Canty.
Alice_shanks: several botanical adventures around Canty.
David_lyttle: several botanical adventures around Otago.
Caqualai (Pat Enright): on bot soc trip with in Otago
Mark_smale: met for coffee and cake in Rotorua.
Chrise (Chris Ecroyd): several botanical adventures in Nelson.
Kiwifergus (Mark Tutty): 4 days/nights spider hunting.
Arnim: a weekend of coastal weeds and Katipo.
Wild_wind (Ella): exploring in Zealandia and on the coast.
Tony_wills: met near Zealandia to see his puffball.
Shaun-lee: exploring at night in the Waitakeres.
Kanek (Kane Kvasnicka): 2 weeks on Little Barrier and Tarawera river exploring.
Christian_waddington: 2 weeks LBI, 1 week Lady Alice.
Oscar_dove: Hen & Chicks, and explored the Waitakeres.
Meg75 (Meg Graeme): ex GF, long-term friends.
Sebastian_doak: went exploring in Punakaiki.
Elixzabeth: went on a coastal adventure together.
Hamish_fairbairn: worked with him then for him.
Ines_NZ: met at the herbarium several times.
Catriona: been on bat detection walks with.
Penelopegillette: one of my neighbours.
Ottoh: Showed his bees, super interesting!
Ionabrimecombe: several fun adventures around Te Anau.
Steve_kerr: hunting for bugs in Woodhaugh Gardens.
Butterfly4 (BP): met on a bot soc trip.
Dr_Bug_Lady (Toni): night bug hunt in Rotorua.
Nicolatoki friends from wayyy back :)
lcolmer (Luke): met for diving advise.
Meurkc (Colin): Long online convos then met in RL.
Jon_sullivan: finally ran into him :)

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