Daniel B

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Graduate from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, with a Bachelor's of Science (BS) in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. I love all things outdoors and participate in many activities related to it. Fishing is my go to, but I also enjoy birding, hiking, and more.

My primary interests on iNaturalist lie with birds, fish, and mammals, but it does also include species of reptiles, amphibians, lepidopterans, odonates, and aquatic insects as well. I am not currently focused on plants, other groups of insects (like beetles, etc), fungi, or microbial communities. Plants would be my first choice if I had to choose one to start focusing on one of these groups however, due to previous experience identifying plants both in my free time and during my education at UWSP.

Feel free to tag me if help is needed on fish or bird IDs since the majority of my experience is with those 2 groups. I am still learning, but by tagging me, you may help reinforce what I have learned in my classes and my field studies, helping me become better prepared for whatever the future holds for me both in terms of my future career and my next finds in the field/water.

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